"I would go anywhere in the world with UMI.  I would.  No questions asked."

Simron Balyan, 2014, 2015, & 2016 UMI Alumna and currently a pre-med college student

June 8-25, 2017 or

June 29-July 16, 2017

in Ahmedabad, India





Live Surgery

Whether from an observation room or standing inside an operating room, watch surgeons perform their procedures while doctors give an overview of the surgery being viewed.

Gross Anatomy

Get introduced to human anatomy by medical college faculty with real human cadavers.

Shadow Doctors

Shadow doctors throughout various departments and specialties in a hospital setting such as orthopedics, general medicine, surgery, OB/GYN, cardiology, neurology, and pediatrics.


A Youth Futures International program in partnership with the National Academy of Future Physicians for high school students age 14-18

WARNING: Some pictures and videos throughout the website contain graphic medical images that may disturb some viewers.

Youth Futures International, in partnership with the National Academy of Future Physicians, created this dynamic once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in 2014.  Though we began the program in the Philippines, we moved it to India in 2015 due to the high interest in holding the program there.  India is one of the few non-western countries in the world from which the U.S. accepts medical college graduates for internship and residency programs, which speaks volumes about the quality of medical education students receive in India.


The U.S. needs doctors, researchers, and other health care practitioners.  As such, we want to give high school students a good look at what awaits them so that as they prepare for their college education, they're even more sure of the direction they wish to go.


Many of our former students have raved about how their UMI experience has helped them get into college.  Of course, YFI has no sway over admissions departments, but we like to believe that a student can stand apart from the crowd by taking part in the UMI.


Youth Futures International has been hosting high quality, successful programs for several years in Ghana, the Philippines, and India and continues to add new and unique programs to its repertoire in various parts of the world.  The non-profit organization began with public health programs and has since branched out to include this extraordinary medical program, the UMI.  The UMI itself started with 41 students in 2014, grew to 56 in 2015, and really took off with 150 enrolled in 2016!  For 2017, we can accept up to 250 students!

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